True Potpourri and Home Fragrances

Persimmon, Quince, Wheat, Snow, Dogwood Blossom — Truly not the Usual Suspects. TRUE (not to be confused for ‘True’ a different candle company without the benefit of Uppercase letters) has compiled an interesting array of fragrances and potpourri “tubes” (for lack of a more elegant word–but they look like something round you’d use to ship a canvas in via UPS) with nuts, bolts and whatever else colour coordinates their theme du jour.

We loved their four candle votive box sets-‘Library,’ ‘Lavatory,’ ‘Master Suite…’ etc. Unfortunately, no where on the packaging does it reveal exactly which of their quad they have selected for the rooms in question, but I guess if you trust them enough to shell out $40 a candle, well, you have already committed. (Or should be)

Okay, I bought Wheat. Check out — if you spend over $75 (that’s sadly pretty easy to do online with their array of wax artisans) you get free ground shipping. Doesn’t that just make your day?

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