Today’s portemanteau du jour.

Why not. (yeah, I’d like to riff on that for a while….)

I mean, if you are effete enough to eat the creation, you should be effete enough to use the term for the blending of words.


I guess that one could also assume then that you might feed your porkie (poodle/yorkie) this as well. Maybe if Thomas Keller served it…..?

Of course, if you are eating turducken, you most likely have a borzoi, affenpinscher (Doggie winner of Westminster ’13—better hurry and get yours TODAY), or bichon.

FYI. These are not dogs. These are accessories. If you put it in your handbag and do not walk it, it is not a dog. ARF. If it is wearing clothing–especially if it is in a ‘baby’ stroller, it is not a dog (anymore).

I digress. TURDUCKEN!

I was first introduced to this concept by my son (who was, of course, attending Stanford: -mind spring of much precious gastronomy——–Napa/Palo Alto, not son Christopher).

We were in Tokyo celebrating our Thanksgiving (again) and…..Good luck even finding a Turkey–let alone THIS THING….in Japan.

Finally, I did hunt down (not literally) a bird—without a doubt THE SMALLEST Turkey I have ever had in my life–Courtesy of Presse Tokyo Midtown— And the MOST expensive bird that I have purchased to date. I think they airlifted it from North Carolina once they got my order. Sort of like slave boats pulling up to North Africa long ago.

But—–Fear not, TURDUCKEN, too, IS also available as “people food” at Fatgroove, Aoyama.

So……Why wait for that seat in the kitchen at French Laundry? **

I digress. AGAIN.

Well. The Good News!!! All you Turducken fans (including John Madden) can wheel out your pups for future Feasts a deux.

Presenting: (please toot the Royal Trumpet)

Blue Buffalo—‘Turducken’

Blue Buffalo Turducken

Yep. It’s here (as in: in my house—Christopher)

Yokoso. …..oh, and please bring a bottle of 1811 Château d’Yquem along for the ride.

Bon Appetit. (and いただきます)

Blue Buffalo Turducken dogfood

**no, not maid service at the Holiday Inn, Calais.

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