VBH Black Diamond Atomic Earrings

VBH black diamond earrings

Okay, I’m fudging a bit because I don’t know what to call these things. BIG? Yeah, big. Besides that, EXPENSIVE ($24,900–which reads like $25,000 to me, but what’s $100 between friends), Yeah, they’re expensive. I also don’t have a name for them, if I did, maybe I’d call them Boris, IVAN, Kim il Sung….

I’m dubbing them Atomic, because they look like something I studied in my physical science class at Junior High School. That was prior to fractional distillation when I set fire to the bunsen burner.

You know, they are interesting enough that if they looked just a tad less like marcasite and were more the size of a dime than a half dollar, well, I just might bite. All in time for the annual Sex Pistols revival meeting.

closeup of the VBH black diamond earrings

P.S. they are clip on.


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