VBH black diamond Tattoo Ring

VBH tatoo ring - black diamonds

I’ve recently heard that the carbon from black diamonds has been traced to meteorite elements crystalized in the earth (also that the check is in the mail….but that’s a different story) Anyway, this ring does look a tad unearthly. There is no doubt that the 18K white gold and black diamond creation has been skillfully fashioned, V. Bruce has that fine attention to detail that goes with being Valentino’s significant other…

(even the backs of the posts have been adorned with care).

exquisite attention to detail -- VBH tatoo ring back view

This is a fanatastic way to kick off your Heavy Metal Reunion Tour of the US or perfect if you have 19K burning a hole in the pocket of your black cut velvet smoking jacket.

  1. Kara Llewelyn
  2. Pryce - (Florida)

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