the salon in the VBH boutique on Madison

VBH–Adored by Jeffrey, New York–Neiman Marcus: SF, Beverly Hills, and Palm Beach and Bergdorf Goodman. Who is this guy? His name is a bit confusing with the LVMH Branding of products–I’m sure that’s a coincidence….of course, how chic could a bag be if it was called a Hock-see-ma. That almost sounds like a blood disorder, ‘I’m sorry ma’am, but with your white count elevated, you could have Hock-see-ma.’ Or maybe a cold cream–Not NOXEMA, but Hocksema. It comes in a crocodile dispenser and costs $9.675. What a Deal.

LVH bags on Madison

Seriously, the skins are dyed with precision to just about any colour in the spectrum. V. Bruce was the head of Valentino for years (presuming that all Valentino himself really cares about now is his topiary and frescos. The guy has merchandised himself into a pretty uptown location that has to dent his wallet each month.

VBH has a vaulted jewelry room that I would probably would have been shot had I photographed it–somebody mail me a Minox. So much for industrial espionage. It’s not as if I own a crocodile farm and I’ve striving for techniques.

VBH pink dyed to order

Anyway, Loved the range of Pinks–probably need one desperately. The black VIA is de rigeur with gold (yes, it’s b-a-a-a-c-k) hardware. The box alone weighs enough to require a driver to hoist into the trunk.

I’m still kicking myself for passing up that VBH/Posh Spice-Beckham collaboration at Samantha Thavasa’s Tokyo Boutique two years ago. Ah, hindsight. It would have made an interesting conversation piece even if it really wasn’t large enough to hold David’s lipgloss.

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