VIA-Starbucks. 12 Li’l pkts of Joe for 9.99.

VIA-Starbucks. 12 Li’l pkts of Joe for 9.99.


‘Ahoy There Coffee Pirates, You’ll not be gettin’ yer Caffeine VIA ME no more…har dee har.’

Starbucks Via individual instant packets

Okay, Now, maybe that sounds a bit Stingy, but 12 cups for $10, ….but I’m only getting 11 (virtually un-openable) say one out of every four purchases (**ha, ha, but NOW I’m checking and YOU should too)….so really, it’s been a bit shy of a buck a cuppa.

So, basically I have three ‘mugs’ of coffee each morning which equates to a two box per week Habit. Two boxes of 11 ‘envelopes’ a week OR=22 servings…so I can actually have three cups a week and invite a friend (or allow an additional theft at will) one morning every seven days:

“Isshoni yoake-no kohi nomanai?”
Translation: Do you want to drink morning coffee together?”
which has nothing to do with the beverage and more to do with nocturnal amusements.
i.e……like saying “Wanna spend the night with me?”

In need of Coffee

But, back to basics—this mathematics is a bit intense for me. (I’ll wear my brown hair today….see photo WITHOUT coffee–now, don’t I look contemplative?)

All this long division and J-slang aside, the instant coffee is actually the finest that I’ve had. My friends in Tokyo get rabid over it as it is still not widely available at the franchises here. Instant coffee is much more prevalent in Japan than in the US at offices. Frankly, I’ve had some of the worst of my life in some of the best places—that said, I wouldn’t want a critique on US rice dishes either.

One interesting note, despite what MUST be a resounding profit for the Starbucks company overall–unless their global expansion has been too rapid to maintain–they seem to be cutting corners on their deliveries and menu options. We were told that their new selections were being re-evaluated and that a write-in campaign was underway to resurrect their old fare. That sounds like a bit of a burden for the consumer to yyc. What’s next—gas surcharge for the Venti?

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