Viktor & Rolf’s FlowerBomb

Viktor & Rolf's FlowerBomb

Read the Hype about Viktor and Rolf’s newest fragrance, ‘FLOWER BOMB’? They’re getting some pretty powerful press on the scent–apparently an exclusive at Saks (for the moment, Loree). To celebrate the launch I heard that they had a ceremony where flowers were blown out of a cannon in New York. I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling heavy armour is one of those things they watch pretty closely nowadays in the ‘Big Apple.’ A cannon? Okay, Maties–Harrrr de Harrr–undeterred, I tracked down a bottle of this stuff to attempt to figure out all that Spin. ‘Flower Bomb’ smells sort of like Thierry Mugler’s ‘Angel’ (sort of that sweet white chocolate tone) with a garden twist. Think ‘MacArthur Park’ (Richard Harris is probably flipping around in his grave right now). Somebody definitely left THIS Cake out in the Rain. It’s okay, but I’m not throwing away all my Jo Malone just yet.

Viktor & Rolf's Color exibit at the Mori Art Museum

Photos by the Kyoto Costume Institute

Viktor & Rolf partner with the Kyoto Costume Insitute, for Speaking of Viktor and Rolf, my sister and I (Yum and Yum) went to their exhibit on Couture called “Colors” at the Mori Art Museum. Supposedly, they had amassed the MOST IMPORTANT examples of modern couture for the show. Well, surprise, surprise–there were at least 10 (versus three Chanel) pieces of V/R stuff on display. They are apparently legends in their own minds. Not that I don’t have an appreciation for stitching seventeen collars on one shirt (Hey, I can’t even sew on a button) or ten sleeves. Quality, not quantity boys. They did, however, amass some interesting Rei and Yohji pieces for the event, even if it was a rather heartless rally. As for the Flower Bomb–well, the name does kind of say it in my opinion. Get a few samples, they’ll last a while and you’ll move on…..

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