Virgo Starstyle

Happy Birthday Virgo. The sun enters this mutable, earth sign at precisely 8:08 Eastern time on 23 August (and that’s Eastern Daylight kids) Of course, Mr. and MS. Virgo would want precision.

Are we all having fun marching through six weeks of Retrograde Venusian pain? I know I am. I managed to leave my MAKE UP in LA—I’m in Tokyo (‘Naked’ for all intents and purposes). Figures.

Venus remains BACKWARDS in 16R37 Leo 12:13 PM September 8–(and, yes–it is still geared to EDT) …….wish someone would hit the shift a tad early, but alas. This generally heralds questions about long held values, tangible-taxable personal possessions, and the love life. If you’re reading this from your jail cell–it’s been a bad transit indeed.

As the Sun steadily (and carefully) treads the well scrubbed hallways of Virgo, we generally find cause in our lives to sort through the stacks of paperwork piling up in our lives–even more fun, it’s time to clean out the refrigerator crisper and vacuum behind the sofa (who would have thought that’s where all those missing socks would turn up???) It’s a good time to be self critical (especially while everyone else is taking stock of themselves) and evaluate why you really haven’t gotten to the gym in six years. How’s your cholesterol? Find out.

This is generally not the most bag of fun sign of the zodiac–although the actuarial crowd may well disagree. Virgo asks that we rein in some of our otherwise ‘out there’ tendencies and attend to the matters at hand. Unlike earth cousin Capricorn (focused on career matters), Virgo addresses envelopes….and all that other ‘chop wood/carry water details that no one gets many trophies for……but Hell does break loose if it is not done.

They told you so. They put it on a laminated 5X7 card (courtesy of Kinkos). It’s #3, letter c.


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