Vuitton Alzer Suitcase

Vuitton ad for Alzer luggage and RTW from their current catalog

Okay, from the brilliant minds at LV’s ‘Le Voyage’ catalog, a promo of the Alzer Hard Sided case. Is this dude ‘Popeye?’ What kind of psychotic break triggered this ad? Has anyone at the agency crafting this ‘campaign’ ever tried to hoist one of these babies on to the airport scale at the First Class lounge?

And, I say this because a) The model is not wearing white Italian doeskin shoes to ride in coach next to my four year old b)His economy class 28 pound luggage allowance weight is blown by the hardware on this bag even if it’s empty c)He would probably opt to fly in the Hold carriage of the craft himself rather than make this baby go through the suitcase handling area of any airport I’ve seen.

Even if he has a pair of socks and change of shorts in that thing, he’s going to require a porter. As effortlessly as it may appear he is waltzing around with that thing, he’s probably just ruined the cartilage in his shoulder. On the bright side, he will have plenty of time to rest on the other end of his trip since NO ONE gets through customs in the USA with this type of baggage WITHOUT a three hour body cavity search. Enjoy, Monsieur. A bientot.

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