We ARE (still) the World

Our favourite ‘crossover’ (certainly better than saying ‘crossdresser’ —Eddie Izzard aside) Ken Watanabe has sponsored a dual english/japanese site that we encourage our ‘viewers’ to check out!

We are also following Yoko Ono’s cue and donating directly to the American Red Cross’ effort for Northeastern Japan Earthquake and Tsunami RELIEF. We aren’t, however, playing any ‘performance’ music that she has
participated in—our nerves are frayed enough right now.

Additionally at this time, we want to provide a link for Save the Children”s International campaign to help assist Japan’s children who are suffering due to the devastating events of March 11.

We hope that you will contribute to these very worthwhile groups who are helping on the ground–NOW–to aid and rescue the victims of these disasters even in the face of the nuclear threat which continues to grow.

Our sincerest hopes that we can all give what we can….and then a little more.

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