Well, Tex…Konnichiwa

Well, Tex…..Konnichiwa.

McDonalds Big America Burgers for Japan
McDonalds Big America Burgers for Japan

Saw a few of the commercials for these bad boys in Tokyo. I did try to find one last week—kind of desperate for ANYTHING a) NOT FISH b) NOT RAW. However, this limited burger romp has hitched it’s wagon somewhere else. Westward Ho.

Now McDonaldo’s promo is for the Big Shrimp (I would dub it the big MAYONNAISE shrimp) ‘burger’. I unsuspectingly ordered it anticipating…I guess…a BURGER. (go figure). The campaign for this catch of the day features 18 year old golf whiz, Ryo Ishikawa.

Wendy’s has folded in Japan, but apparently, Burger King is back after a several year break in the Japanese market. Wonder what their Srhimp “Burger” tastes like?…..Maybe they’ll opt for squid.

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