Whats Hot at Gucci

Seems that in Gucci’s updated invasion plans of the USA, not even Tampa Bay (gasp….even Bloomingdales dares not tread here…..) has remained untouched.

YYC had the pleasure of meeeting Brandon Smith (813/348-2708), supervisor of the Gucci Boutique at the International Mall, Tampa, who took time to brief us on some of the Most popular special orders of January ’07.

the Gucci Pelham bag

No surprise that the Pelham (see picture) is again heading the ‘Wish’ lists of some of most devout fashionista’s worldwide–followed closely by the Uber Python chain Hobo–a stylized tot in earthtone/neutral ivory skin (and yes, you couture slaves in California need not apply), and finally, the ‘Britt’ to which we give honour for the sheer amount of hardware involved….sort of like what would have happened if ‘GG’ and ‘DG’ had a child. But, I digress.

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