White Day

Time for the ‘Whiteness,’ yes, Miki– It’s March 14th and Wonderful-san should by all counts be blowing some of that salary he works 90 hours a week for on a token of his affection from Mitsukoshi. White Day in Japan represents the Yang (Hey, clean up your minds–I’m referring to the opposite of the Yin) of gifting. Originally touted as Marshmallow day (1965–if only it could have been planned more closely with Yoko Ono, the Beatles would have launched their ‘White Album’ on this date, certainly) this rather commercial construct is along the lines of all those Hallmark moments we enjoy in the West. Does anyone really send presents on ‘Sweetest Day?’ Remember Maison du Chocolat is conveniently located near the parking stucture in Omotesando.

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