Buckle your seat belts, kids—it’s getting weird.
Okay, well, I’m all for people loving their pets.
So you want to have Rover wear Chrome Hearts….(a tad eccentric, but hey–your money)
….Fifi needs a powder pink dye job and a tutu? Well, not MY Scene, but I guess it could be worse…..

Well, it’s gotten worse. It’s gotten perverse.
This trend is inching a little into ‘Norman Bates’ territory.

Maybe you should consider trying to make a few human friends.
You know, volunteer your time….even at Veterinary Clinic (mix it up a little).
At least see if you can bond with something of your own species before you send off for the canine curls.

Order one of each style—just remember we warned you when someone starts chasing you around with a net.

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