Wolford black net Sixty-Six stockings

Wolford–home of the $50 pair of pantyhose.

Here’s the scoop. I’m told that the most durable is the 10 dernier (only $35.00)….it has little shine and is versatile for daily use. The #8 ‘Magic Touch’ is silky and gorgeous, but fragile. It looks like it would run if you even looked at the edge of a table–much less bumped into it. Not that I enjoy roller derby, but I am rather clumsy. I remember ‘London Aire’ pantyhose ads on television YEARS ago. Some woman with a nail file chopping at her nylons (not while they were on, of course, she was odd, but not psychotic) so, while the Wolford (come Hither) hose is tempting, I don’t think I possess the grace needed to actually wear it.

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