Woofy Wear

Woofy Wear by Wendy for Simplicity

Yeah, well, IF YOU say so, Wendy……
Not that Pepe (pooch upper left corner–you know, the one considering making that RUN to the Border) doesn’t look thrilled to pieces wearing your creation….

….and that ‘Dino’ Dog appears to be contemplating its own extinction. (Death by Dress-up–who needs an Ice Age?)

How ’bout Cap’n Jack Russell?

Has it ever really occurred to you, Wendy, that MAYBE dogs like to be naked? I mean, they are (forgive me) DOGS. Is this a ‘Jon Benet’ Vicarious ‘Let’s enter the pup into a pageant’ thing or do you like pulling wings off flies, too?

Maybe Wendy should have a seven costume a day week for a change and let Rover take a little time off. Who’s his agent?

I hope she has “play” clothes for those walks in the Dog’s Park area since well…..it can get a little THIS SIDE of ‘rough trade’ in there.

Don’t forget your baggie.

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