Yoyo Zeppa

Louboutin black mohair pump Of Course, I did buy them.

I had spied these Peep Toe Marvels in a magazine somewhere–I can’t honestly remember if they were touted as ‘Must Haves’ or ‘Avoid AT ALL Costs’ (In this case, Several hundred quid), but I knew they were ‘Yumyum’ the moment I spied them at Louboutin’s Knightsbridge Boutique.

I actually had the good fortune to hit a SALE, not that anything which remained was a UK 7–mind you. These, were, naturally FULL FARE. I mean, how could you reduce the price of any shoe bold enough to sport the label: ‘Yoyo Zeppa” What Moxie.

Please leave a comment if you know what type of fabric Yoyo Zeppa is Louboutin furry heel - also available in burgundy

Plus, I LOVE the idea of wearing anything called ‘Black Turf’ on my hooves. Thank God I couldn’t find the matching handbag. It probably resembles a small Scottish Terrier.

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