Yu Takasawa of Pastel Salon

Yu Takasawa Pastel Atelier
Yu Takasawa of Pastel. An artist with hair and a dash of kira-kira.

Yumyumcherry had researched Tokyo Salons catering to the tender loving care of all things Great Lengths in nature–and had scoped out a special Boutique featuring the tresses in Shibuya-ku. ‘Pastel Atelier DEUX’ (Yes, Kids, there is yet another branch of this too CHIC to miss Shrine of Hair Design). Watch me drop to my knees in reverence to the skills I witnessed. There is a God. While I don’t wish to meet my maker too soon, I bear witness to the skills of YU TAKASAWA. If you haven’t considered just what this crew can fashion of your less than runway-ready ‘do’, tune in and be impressed.

Outside Pastel Atelier in Shibuya near Tokyu Hands
Pastel is located at 30-7 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan—6th Floor

yumyum and Yu Takasawa

And, just for the record, hope you have either a great concierge (Bless those crossed keys) or a driver with some skill at your disposal because addresses in Japan are a law onto themselves and follow no order that we (or many cab drivers) can ascertain numerically. You will want to PHONE 81. (3)3 3461.4414 and reserve the skills of Mr. Takasawa.

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