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YUMYUMCHERRY: Couture by the Crate. (^0^)

買い物に行くことができます (Let’s GO Shopping!)

Wow, so many treasures, so little time.
More aptly, so much clothing–so little space.
Tokyo dwellings have never been famous for their abundance of storage.

So Girlfriends, in honor of the fact that I’d like to be able to actually close my closet without blowing a hinge, I must pare down the wardrobe. My loss YOUR GAIN.
Ah, the ZEN of it all

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8 Responses to “YUMYUMCHERRY: Couture by the Crate. (^0^)”

  1. Sachiko Says:

    Waiting so long time that you starting auctions again. Happy.

  2. Susanne Light Says:

    That embroidery is SO L-P-F. Love it. Can’t wait to buy your things again yyc–they are amazing. Susanne

  3. KellyGirl Says:


  4. LanaRomanoff Says:

    I love your purple and white chanel duffel, I want to shop in your closet

  5. YokoS Says:


  6. Carlyn Says:

    I received my LAINEY Today! OMG I LOVE IT. I’ll be shopping with you again SOON. THANK YOU

  7. Says:

    SUGOI-so much Chanel in your closet. I wanna go there for my new house. I love 2011 Cruise jacket U sold to me for Valentine Day! Miku-chan

  8. WiliamR Says:

    I received the 25cm vanille crocodile Birkin-it is as described, very nice. Please email me when the you receive the other that we discussed. Bill R.

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