YYC’s Favorite Geminis: Toronto


Robin—What a gem (and this gal knows the A-Zed of carats, clarity and cut). Fab sense of humour and a very quick study–how did I live without you? Of course, I have Mercury conjuct my natal ascendant, so I more or less come and go ephemerally —it helps to hang with gals/guys marked similarly so they understand and pick up the beat where we left off whenever that may be.

Robin, may this year be overflowing with good things for you. Last year was a….well, ‘Beach’ as they say. (Lots of sand, no surf). You need to get those thigh high Chanel boots on and take a stroll in style. Hope we can link up to troll Bal Harbour or Madison Avenue. Hey, there’s always Monaco. You are a fun, terrific gal.

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