YYC’s Favorite Geminis: WA state

Gemini Julianne

Julianne—Happy, Happy Birthday. My treasured friend–I have no words (there’s a first) to express my gratitude for all the moral support and the constant encouragement you gave to me to keep the right perspective through all the events I faced last year. You were beside me for some of the most trying emotional hurdles I’ve had to overcome. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express the sentiments.

I wish you a new year brimming with good things, good times, and safe travels. Hope we can rendezvous in Beijing this summer or maybe you can show me the in’s and out’s of Hong Kong (Still want to get to Joyce Boutique—that famed retail haven of cutting edge designer fare, even if at cutting wallet prices). Worst case—there is still Hawaii—be there, Aloha. I love you.

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