YYC’s Favourite Sags: Qi Rong

Qi Rong turns heads carrying her Vuitton Neverfull!

Happy Birthday QI RONG! (pronounced ‘KEY Wrong’)
December 20, 1991–Gregorian
December 29, 1991–Lunar

This year, I’m told Miss Liu’s birthday falls on Christmas Eve….too cool. We know her Dad will ensure that a good time is had by all. (Are you really sure she wanted a Shaquille O’Neal jersey???)…

We're keeping our fingers crossed, Qi Rong!

Between Qi Rong’s dedicated community service projects, her journalism work for the student news agency, and her academic studies, Qi Rong is a very busy student in Maoming, China. We look forward to seeing her in Shanghai!

We WISH QI RONG a FANTASTIC new year—YOUR fans at Yumyumcherry!!!!!

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