YYC’s Favourite Sags

I guess this is how I know my moon is in Sag.
There seems to be a list…
In true Sag style (I’m late, I’m late) we are belatedly giving our thanks and recognition to some of our favourite YYC Archers.


Grace Latuberza 11/09
Lynn W. 11/22
Uncle George 11/24
Marlene O. 11/26
Michael Lynn 11/28
Norman Summers 11/29
Lucien S-P 11/29
Stelios Hawa 12/05
Aleene Summers 12/17
Brad Pitt 12/18/63


Uncle George - MIA in the Pacific Theatre, WWII
Uncle George–Damn, he was hot. WW2 pilot–shot down over the South Pacific. I pray for him at the Yasukuni.

Norman Summers
Norman Summers–Miss you daddy

Aleene Summers
Aleene Summers–One of the finest and most genuine people that I’ve ever known, It was my honour to be her daughter. I miss her everyday.

Lucien –Five years old going on 45.

Marlene –Christopher’s paternal grandmother–a very affable, kind woman–It’s a pleasure to know her.

Lynn –Bright, articulate and spiritual. What a rare mix. Thank you for the insights you have shared with me throughout our friendship–Happy, happy birthday to you.

Grace Latuberza –She pushes herself at warp speed, does good where she can and takes care of many, many people. Thank you for your friendship and kindness.

Brad Pitt at the Venice Film Festival 2007

Brad Pitt -enough said. Swoon.

Stelios Hawa -Savvy businessman. great sense of humour and very, very shrewd. Call the Dress Box 011-44-207-584.4424. It’s the oldest (and perhaps, in OUR opinion) Finest dress agency in London. He is an expert tailor and knows Chanel better than I do.

Michael Lynn–Attorney, friend, also has a sharp eye for couture and can date just about any piece of Chanel by the button. Thanks for teaching me some of your skills. A gentleman. Very kind. Happy belated…..well, you know.

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