About Yumyumcherry: Okay, well, there’s Scary Cherry, Posh Cherry, Sporty Cherry…No Wait, wrong set.
“We”….work with me, it’s a collective, girlfriends—are: (Anthem, please)
We Are Woman, Hear Us Roar, As we Walk Into A STORE, And we know too much to stop and Not to Spend
Yeah, our husbands told us No, But it doesn’t Matter Tho’ and we’ll get that last bargain while we Can….
Oh-ho-ho YES we are Wise, but it’s Wisdom born of Pain,
Yes, we’ve paid RETAIL, but now we’ve learned the Game
We Are Woman………
Ah, Thanks Helen Reddy.
Anyway, the bottom line is that we like nice things, hate to pay full price, will do so when we have to, but are clever enough to realize that if we network successfully and trade well, we can do that and still pay for gasoline.
Makes Sense.

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