Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur. Product Placement. Vivienne Westwood. What do these things have in common? Doesn’t hurt when mom has an outrageous reputation well earned as one of London’s best designers. Son (Joseph Corre) has made quite a splash internationally with his Brit version of what could be considered Victoria’s Secret meets Frederick of Hollywood. Trick is — Lure a celeb base clientele and get a few noteworthy plugs in Vogue or W. Never hurts. Neither does the crop featured below, except when the bill arrives.

Agent Provocateur pink pave whip

Ah the fun of traveling with this pink encrusted Whip. I tuck it in my luggage just to watch the expressions of the other travelers as Security unceremoniously unfurls my suitcase. I mean, will I really break into the cockpit (don’t you love that name) and throttle the pilot for control of the plane? In his dreams. Not confiscated yet– of which the same can not be said about my Cle De Peau eyeshadow palette or Chanel ‘Tempting Beige’ powder blush — now, those were OBVIOUSLY threats to National Security guys.

Never underestimate the power of a good Prop. Pink Pave No Less. Even if you never use it, just think of the joy your mother in law will have when you’ve left for work and she’s “exploring” your drawers. The dainty gloves are also a nice touch.

I am told, it is the NUMBER ONE Seller at Agent Provocateur. Arrives in it’s own little pink and black box. You need this one.

I would suggest that you veer away from their jewelry line as a rule. It is cheap looking, costly, and you might be tempted to wear it in public. Don’t. While clever, it really doesn’t cross into Chrome Hearts territory for that edgy look and is best left for play–or work, if you are a professional…um…..Dancer. Then by ALL means.

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