Aufhe Deesse Hair Care

I initially was introduced to Goldwell products to maintain the extensions that I had styled and blended by Gina Diaz of Glam Hair Extensions, North Miami. While her talents continue to WOW me, I did discover a terrific product (probably loaded with all those nano molecules that the Japanese live to create….)

Aufhe Deesse basebalance

Aufhe Deesse Shampoo and Conditioner (aka Goop) not only tamed this outrageous mane of locks I’ve affixed to my own coif, but seemed to make it meld ‘like butter….’

Aufhe Deesse balancemoist

I’m sure the product is Japanese, although the name attempts to give it a rather Germanic twist (and we all know that no one twists like the Germans). Still, even if Shinzo Abe were named Steve Abe, he’d still be Japanese. Besides, all the rest of the print is in Kanji and Hiragana—on the bottles, not Mr. Abe. (Better ask his wife before you look.)

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