Besame Vanity Case palette by Gabriela Hernandez

Oh PLEASE call this ‘Bé samé — these Spaniards get pretty testy.

Okay, I bought this since I am a make up junkie. I lost my Prada zip closure makeup case somewhere between LAX and NRT (Tokyo)….I still haven’t figured out the contents that I lost.

Anyway, this palette was purchased at Bendels–oh Mecca of undiscovered cosmetics. It features a powder blush, shadows and a couple lip stick/gloss hues in a harmonious tone of natural/pink. I also bought a matching lipstick that is shaped like a 9mm round (that should put the fear of God in you), but it may be in my Glock chamber since I can’t find it.

Besame Cosmetics Vanity Case colors

That said, I’ve never used the compact, but for those of us still looking to find the new or unusual, this certainly is one of those.

Make up (your mind….)

712 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10019
nr. 56th St.

Better yet….skip the first floor and hunt for Jules on four–there’s probably something new in fashion that you can’t live without….tell her Yumyum sent you.

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