Casting the Die!

Las Vegas Cherry Style!

Well, girlfriends, — after a year of vacillation (and a bit of prodding — thank you), I’ve finally decided to Dive in (God, I hope Brad Pitt can be the life guard on duty at YUMYUM Beach ) and give this Web Site thing a whirl. Especially since ebay keeps yanking my auctions with VERO warnings when I do too much fashion editorial commentary. Anyway, that said, I’m going to attempt to keep this up in style. Hopefully you and I can get some commentary going and decide which pieces each season we can and can’t live without —-sort of a virtual girlfriend. God knows, I need to drag a stylist with me into the dressing room Next Time. We’ll preview some of the goodies that I’ve snagged in my travels and we can see if there is something in the mix that you can’t live without before I throw it on the pile (yes, ebay again….I have this Love/Hate thing going).

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