Chanel 06 Part 1

Pretty Broad topic, but I like to think I’m a pretty broad. No seriously, Spring had a few moments (I’m not even going to pause to address Cruise– (Tom or otherwise), but I know there are racks of heavily hyped green tweed cropped 3/4 sleeve jackets just lining up on racks poised for the outlets. I’m still not admitting what I bought, but since I can’t remember it–either I’ve started drinking before noon again OR it wasn’t all that special.

Spring had its moments. I wound up buying a dramatic black collared jacket with camellia detailing that was even more stunning in beige (just not on me), a purple plaid jacket that I may fashion into a curtain bolster someday–and yes, I was warned, and a jacket that is affectionately dubbed, ‘the Sgt. Pepper’, in black with silvertone “chain” detailing.

I fell in LOVE with a few of the other jackets, but found that Karl’s fit model was much more short waisted than I–leaving about six inches between my hips and rib cage IN SIZE unaccounted for. Okay for Target, not for Chanel. There’s something about the $7.2K price difference that made me want more than a label and velvet enrobed hanger for my buck.

to be continued…

  1. Wendy, New York City

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