Chanel does Silver

Chanel 06a Classic bag in argent clair

The Lame craze hits Mainstream Fashion. Karl L. has created a series of his 2.55 Chanel handbags in quilted Gold, Champagne (Dk. Silver) and SILVER. Whoa. Chanel has produced a number of golden variety bags throughout the course of Karl’s reign for the house, but these are a bit more updated–the silver quilted version is just this side of NASA. I feel like auditioning for the re cast of ABBA. The Champage hued selection is infinitely more wearable, but somehow less showstopping…and, of course, there is the Gold (been there done that). Prices are now double what they were a scant two years ago, okay ALMOST double. How badly do you need this one? How well can you sing “Dancing Queen??”

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