Chanel exclusives (Cruise Collection CC 2008/2009)

Invitation and special edition bag for Chanel Exclusives

To celebrate (on your own—forget a little soirée or froth) the limited edition selection of handbags, costume jewelry and accessories from their collection (available only on, I received a flyer with an RSVP (aka send us your email address or call 800.550.0005—which I’m sure is Karl’s Cell number).

Wow, You can finally drop $7K for that fantasy tweed Chanel jacket without having to experience the fantasy of shopping at a Chanel Boutique. Why go to Paris when you can sit on your settee and shop for trinkets online. Voilà.

Hey—-Set up a direct debit into your Trust Fund.

Excuse me, are we all so jaded at this point to feel that any effort is too much for that moment of passage? (As in, I’m finally stupid enough to blow $6,000 on a purse.) Or is this ‘Exclusif’ concept targeting merely those of us who have dropped enough cash to be recognized by Chanel’s newest Corporate minds as being:

‘Live Ones’??????? (Or, ‘Yes, I do have a Shopping Problem, and I have spent well over $60,000 on handbags in this lifetime…..’)

It is rather like getting carry out from Jean-Georges in Manhattan so you don’t have to actually ‘be seen’ dining there—because you’re going there for the food, right?

So much more fun to nosh with those accounts you are entertaining at your pad on paper plates. It’ll give them a chance to check out your medicine cabinet if they visit the w/c.

Prêt–à–porter goes mail order. Maybe I should revisit Lands End. In fact, if I RSVP correctly, Chanel may even sell my name on a mailing list to them……

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