Chanel: Images of Summer

Chanel: Images of Summer
photos by (Guess who) Karl Lagerfeld
model-Claudia Schiffer

Images of a Summers - Chanel's SS 08 catalog

Again Claudia appears as Karl’s muse de choix for his Summer 2008 collection at Chanel Prêt-à-Porter. Maybe it’s the Teutonic work ethic. After all, for all of Karl’s foibles, he is a HARD WORKER. Ms. Schiffer has recently been amp-ing up her return to runway and print post marriage/babies.

Featured against a seaside backdrop, pretty dresses and lots of other wearable IF unaffordable play clothes. The price points alone in the Euro/Dollar schematic mean that the purchase of that ‘romper’ may mean you can’t afford to rent that bungalow for two days.

But, you will look very CHIC camping in that cardboard box by the surf.


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