Chanel Paris-Londres

Ever wonder if Coco Chanel (aka Gabrielle) and the Duchess of Windsor (aka Wallis Simpson) were separated at birth? Bet Karl Has done. Hummmmm. Frankly, I’d stake either of them (even dead) to beat most men at Poker, Shots, or arm wrestling. Still prefer Coco’s clothing style–a sucker for a fantasy tweed.

Kaiser Karl planned to pay ‘homage’ (he, he) to the men who ‘influenced’ Coco at the ‘CHANEL, PARIS-LONDON’ PRE COLLECTION FASHION SHOW ON DECEMBER 6 (yep, if you aren’t there as I type this, you weren’t invited….and, neither were we….) Vogue UK touts it as an ode to the Inspiration of Cpt. Capel (the Brit Polo Player whose uniform influenced Coco’s decision to do that signature Boxy jacket). Wonder where he tucked his pearls.

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