Coup d’Etat at Burger King

‘Let them eat Whopper Juniors—and off with their heads’ The self proclaimed fast food monarch was overtaken by 3G (New York based–backed by Jorge Paulo Lemann/Marcel Telles/ and Carlos Alberto Sicupira) who want to ‘have it their way.’

Demographically, BK’s client base has been predominantly males between 18-34—an age group widely hit by recent unemployment woes. (This slump in business has NOT been noted here at Casa Yumyum ……still wrappers a plenty.)

3G will also take on Burger King’s debt, valuing the deal at $4bn in total. (Wonder if they would consider BUYING ME…..JUST A THOUGHT). Notably 3G also owns partial or controlling stakes in Anheuser-Busch InVE, and several retailers in Latin America.

John Chidsey (chairman/CEO) will retain a position on the board as co-chair with Alex Behring–US partner of 3G.

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