Double Digits!

Happy 10th Birthday Lucien.

(Ten Years– going on 42)

Cheats at Uno with buds Charlie and Takeshi-chan….and has the unbridled vocabulary of a Merchant Marine.


Lucien’s first adventure was to Cairns, Australia at nine months. Doubt he remembers much of it, but could well.

Second trip: Spring Break with Jimmy, Cam, Xris, Stu, Danny (aka “Shelby’s brother’) to Rome, Pompeii and London.

Third Exploration: Beijing and Japan (his second “home”). Sadly, I think he speaks more fluent nihongo than I.

Fourth—Dubai and a Kenya Safari. He fed a baby white Rhino at Lewa Downs.

Happy Birthday Lucien

Lu’s Favourite things:

Clogging Toilets (I am just assuming this because he does it every morning)

His Super Cool Bro Chris

Hot Chicks (not the movie with Rob Schneider)

Playing Ping Pong with Gustavo

Video games online with Damian

Led Zeppelin Tunes

Texas Hold ‘Em

Nintendo, Xbox, Halo (“Lego” things with one bazillion assembly parts that embed easily into one’s foot at any given moment—but especially in the middle of the night: aka–Burglars Beware)

“His Gary”


His Groovy new man cave (aka Bedroom)

Lucien thrives on making lewd remarks (Praise the Lord) that he doesn’t fully understand at very inappropriate moments….sort of like Mel Gibson but aimed primarily at anyone he can call ‘Toots’.

(As his mom, I tell people he has Tourette’s….seriously, feel the way that Robin Williams’ mother must have done years ago)

Mrs. Troy

Citadel Bro Cameron

Fox Television’s ‘Family Guy’ show

(oh No!) and BORAT (Thank you Sasha)

Kiddyland in Omotesando, Tokyo


Sister Dewey and her menagerie

Studying Latin with Dad (ha ha…..that was this column’s attempt at comic relief)

Favorite Food….Pizza Rolls, Mom’s Bean Soup

Favorite Drink….he says “Veuve Clicquot” (Quoting cool bro “Chris”)….but it is actually Starbuck’s Lowfat boxed Chocolate milk.

Loves playing Football (As in Soccer: American Style)

Teasing his Collie ‘Cherokee’

Doing impersonations and different accents (does a wicked Mike Myers)

In my humble opinion, he is THE BEST GUY IN THE UNIVERSE

‘Happy Birthday Lucien!!!’

Feliz Cumpleaños also to Señor Guillermo Paredes-Briceño 30 November!

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