Dude looks like a lady

Steven Tyler on Loree Rodkin's 06 press catalog

Dude looks like a lady. Well, sort of. Think Steven Tyler…well, I’d rather picture Liv in the the dress, but hey…work with me on this. Karl has (in his infinite wisdom) deemed it necessary to design a men’s range for Coco (and wouldn’t she be proud to see those lanky cross dressing guys trotting down a runway sporting her moniker?) I’m still really tring to figure out what exactly makes it a man’s line. Like, does it have a special tool belt or something? Is there a pocket for the TV Changer? Not sure. The price points are (inevitably) lower than those affixed to the same (and we’re talking SAME…just change over the buttons, gals) pieces that are sized into numbers that Manly Men can comprehend. As they apply their Gaultier eyeliner discreetly over a latte.

Gaultier's Le Male Kohl

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