Edward Bess Lipstick

Okay, my first thought is, how did this guy get on the map. Yeah, he has a website. So do I, but no one wants to back me with thousands to churn out a make up line. Sour Grapes (no, that’s my new lipgloss for Spring) and it, too, will taste of figs.

This guy seems a bit green to be meriting the press that he’s being given. I simply have not heard enough about Mr. Bess to comprehend why I’d want to shell out $350 for his lipstick range, pardon–“wardrobe”. Sure, the colours are nice enough, the packaging is slick enough–but why is Bergdorf backing him?

Stay tuned, will check this further, but do educate me, oh, readers (all three of you) what is this guy’s trick (and where is he turning it?)

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