Favorites: Model Co. Heat Caps

Australian Brand: Model Co. is truly one of my favourites. Not so with Becca or Napoleon Perdis — just so you know this isn’t some Aussie-phile preference. The company has invented or at least distributed some very interesting products. My personal favourite is the Airbrush in a Can…since you turn that delightful shade of bronze that makes you look just this side of San Tropez. It can be a mess, so pretend you’re repainting your ceiling and use a dropcloth.

Model Co heat caps -- a yyc favorite

The tan stuff smells like you’re baking biscuits and fills the room with a warm and rather yummy fragrance. Words to the wise: First, exfoliate (these caps are great to cleanse the pores and prep you for action), Second, this is better as a quick fix rather than a weekly treatment.

I use an airbrush system by a company (also, coincidently Australian) called Vani-T. Once you become used to upkeep, these Model Co. products are perfect to supplement–especially when traveling. I hit the road with my airbrush system once and the staff at the St. Regis thought I had brought my vaccuum with me. They must deal with some very eccentric guests.

The Heat Caps also work well even if you only plan to bring out the natural glow in your own complexion. Their brow products (especially the brown–I think only available through Sephora online) can’t be beaten. Five stars from the would be sunbunny. Go for it.

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