From Zoom to BOOM

Canadian Air, EH?

First no meal service—Then only one suitcase for domestic travel (The size of a bowling bag, thank you very much–have fun on your two week holiday washing out that one pair of shorts.)

Now…fasten your seat belts (unless they too have been eliminated to cut costs).
Apparently, life vests will now be removed from planes to cut weight and so reduce fuel costs.

Wow, what a great idea. Not that I’ve ever felt all that confident that an over the ocean kind of emergency would be something I’d live through……even with a seat cushion as a flotation device…..but, uhm… just sort of lulls one into a bit more of that false sense of security.

I think they should remove some of the navigational equipment, that probably weights a bit….and hey, those oxygen masks look like they eat up fuel.

Perhaps one should be able to “purchase” little extras at the gate that you might like…..oh, say a parachute, c-rations, life insurance for the relatives you leave behind………

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