Gemini Starstyle

Paging Gemini……oh well…….
One of the more quixotic (and neurotic) signs of the zodiac, Gemini doesn’t like to rest in one moment (or place) too long. Read that——-they’re gone.
Of course, I like that about them.
They contradict statements made only moments earlier, their attention span rivals that of a five year old.
Creative to the MAX, their ideas have ideas.
They love to communicate, just don’t ask them how they feel.
They prefer talking about sex to having it (pity, they’re gorgeous)
Love games, better played for points and not money.
They lose it or forget where they stashed it.

Fave Geminis:

May 26: Helena Bonham Carter and LENNY KRAVITZ
May 29 (1930) Clint Eastwood
Jun 18: Sir Paul (McCartney)

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