Girl Scout Cookies-Hoy!

Yeah, I saw that folding table next to the grocery store…that time of year again.

Girl Scout Cookies

……Sure, I could pretend that I didn’t see them–but as our eyes locked and I spotted that box of ________ (fill in your specific blank: Mine is either Thin Mint or Pitter Patter Peanut Butter cookies) it became a foregone conclusion.

I had somehow missed the initial wave of cookie sales. Probably engrossed with CNN……OH NO! so, I was forced out of my rut and into foreign territory. As in:

Dulce de Leche

Now, it’s rumored that the company–like most companies world wide—is feeling that economic diet that we’re all forced to weigh (ha ha pun intended) in our budgets. It is considering limiting next years’ offering to the public–scaling down to the five most popular tried-n-true flavours. Fortunately, my choices are not affected (YET) although I didn’t see either in this year’s display (they apparently were some of the first to sell out).

ABC Bakers, the Richmond, Va., company owned by Interbake Foods LLC that has been with the Girl Scouts since 1937, isn’t champing at the bit to participate in the Super Six program. “ABC is not in agreement with this strategy and has specifically indicated they do not see the reduction in varieties as cost saving,” the Girl Scouts’ Ms. Hamaker says.

I personally don’t think that the box I bought is one of the tastiest cookie varieties offered by the Girl Scouts that I’ve tried, but I wasn’t in a lemon mood and well, the coconut chocolate things…aka ‘Samoas’ (sometimes/someplaces–I guess their name geographically varies) get a bit goopy in Florida’s springtime weather.

Whether this was a nod to the U.S.’s growing Hispanic population or just another culinary adventure for the group, I don’t know, but according to the article the consumers were no more/no less from that demographic than any other. (And, I don’t think that only Samoans, for example, buy the coconut/chocolate confections.)

But, what do I know? I was a Campfire Girl.

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