Goody Goody!

Brandt's microdermabrasion in a jar

Just got a box from Sephora. (I’d need this stuff air dropped to me if I set up camp in the Outback) Trying some of the Dr. Brandt Micro Dermabrasion Miracle Jar that has recently gotten raves. I’ve seen this guys work and I’m keeping it (my opinion) to myself. Can you tell I’m married to a lawyer? Anyway, despite my overall skepticism, I’m going to give this a perfunctory whirl for the $85.00 thrill of it. I’m doing that self tan stuff that does make you look somewhat slimmer. They’ve had me on some steriods for recovery and I’m practically eating everything that isn’t nailed down. This is so unfair. Somebody throw me a Fig Newton.

I saw an ad the other day for Hedonism. I don’t know if that’s a Nudist Colony or just the Soddam and Gommorah of Jamaican resorts. The catch was that if you booked a room, the third female stayed for free. I assume that this was not aimed at the Utah crowd and that they were implying that with two other women, the third would be free. Somehow this reminded me of a neighbour that I once had who was a “Nudist.” I found out when she said she had gotten her vacation photos back–and proceeded to show me a few full length shots of her and her husband next to a Luau pit completely naked. (Don’t want to get too close to the fire there…..) I think I stammered something along the lines of: “…real Kodak paper…..Gee, how nice….”

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