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I’ve never seen spikes this side of a porcupine. Amazing. So, just how do these guys get that pointy ‘coif?’

Color Salon in Aoyama Tokyo

‘COLOR’ Salon in Aoyama, Tokyo.

It seems to be the Mecca (mecha-mecha) for Boy Toys.

They also vend a range of ‘wigs’ (I hate to say ‘Toupée’ as they are not the standard ‘Burt Reynold’s’ variety….) in ranges of brown, auburn, black cherry and deep blonde (and yes, usually all together) that would make Tina Turner proud.

But, beware, this is not a cheap date (and neither are they).
$300 PLUS for colour–and more for extensions or additional props.
Yul Brenner and Kojak had the right idea.

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