“It Girl”…as opposed to “That Girl” (or how ’bout “Hey YOU”)

Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips

Sally Hansen (I remember her from the ‘Hard As Nails’ fingernail fortifying polish days—though now she seems to render all parts of the cosmetic beast….including depilatory creams, bleaches, tweezers, well…..x, y, z…) offers up Florescent PINK!! Polish Strips. Think Minx and subtract $50, one salon visit and a training program.

I think I may have been right about the sticker concept approach to begin with…..

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in It Girl pink

They offer a range from glitter effect (one matches some Christian Louboutins we spied for Spring at Neiman Marcus), solid gold (not the rerun television show), and a ‘neato-‘ floral print that might encroach on Liberty of London.

$5.99. (sadly, does not include the matching Louboutins).

Louboutin gold slingbacks from Niemansphoto: NM

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