Joy to the World, Rodarte has come

No, like seriously.

Rodarte Collection at Target

Back in the Day (oh yeah, you can see where this is goin’) I thought NOTHING of blowing wads (think $8K at least) a dress on this team (women, of course) who have come up with some of the best fitting, well tailored couture confections for well…..Women (and, who would have thought that could be????).

So, shiver me timbers (Johnny Depp moment…..) Rodarte at TARGET.

The collection is indeed a limited capsule of dresses, tops, skirts, camisoles…..and, BIKINIS (BEACH BLANKET BINGO….THANKS ANNETTE) at affordable prices…

Rodarte for Target

I bought some fab pieces…my personal faves
1) printed dress with black ribbon halter
2) powder blue dress with mesh net bodice overlay a blue ‘poof’ dress
3) “Lace” (yeah, as if) cardigan featuring Snap closure
4) Faux Bubble skirt in Navy with netting
5) Sequin black pailette dress with white pailette ‘LUNG’ overlay (okay, I’m warped)
6) ENTIRE ORCHID ENSEMBLE (not to be donned together unless you truly ARE ‘Mother of the Bride’) AMEN

Rodarte for Target tags

So, ladies, knock yourselves out. I emerged unscathed for less than $659. AND……


Happy Christmas and to all……GOOD SHOPPING.

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