Kracked and Knackered

Kracked and Knackered.

(ooops, I’m just tired, I meant ‘Lacquer-ed’)

Well, a trend is a trend is a trend.

So far, I’m not budging (or buying)—not to say that my ‘hold fast’ is a guarantee. It’s not. If spotted at Sally Beauty Supply, I’d probably grab the basket full and run to the cashier now that I’ve seen this bottle of polish sport so much press. It even has a video to call it’s own.

I’ve investigated my options online line and ‘baldguy’ (no kidding, I promise), an ebay seller in the UK, will sell a bottle of the stuff to me for $14.95 plus shipping.

It looks like a coat of something that shrinks as it dries revealing another ‘secret’ (uh, right) colour that you’ve applied prior as a base coat.

Temptation. I’ll let you know when mine arrives in the mail…..

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