Man or Kin?

Sometimes when you surf around listings online—you run across some “iffy” examples of presentation.

Blue bustier for sale

I mean—do they really want to sell this dress/bag/necklace? Whatever?

Dusty rose dress no support


While no one wants to make a capital investment in what may be a fleeting attempt at business–probably not time to call Wilhelmina and ask for their hottest property to perform catalog work.

Tattoos with puff sleeves

Hey, perhaps this is just your cyber garage sale….

Still….maybe it’s time to just step up to the plate.

Buy/Rent (borrow/steal):
a mannequin.
dress form?
a hanger and a railing?

Just a thought.
(and please don’t say I advised the theft thing, it’s a joke….kids)

Tattoos with black dress

As for the visages—the details have been changed to protect those who are surely more innocent than they appear in thumbnail appearance.

  1. Rosa
  2. Stu

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