Martin Margiela Knit Boots

I’ve loved Martin Margiela since his days of designing simple, well tailored separates at Hermes. In fact, they were so well tailored and effortless (crafted from some of the finest gauged wools that I’ve seen to date) that one really could really invest in some solid staples knowing they would indeed last years from both a quality and style perspective.

That was probably one of the keys to his demise as the head createur at Hermes. Timeless fashion is hardly the core concept that meshes with churning big ticket sales. Alas.

While I have seen some of Margiela’s signature line at Isetan, Tokyo, he is not a designer that I routinely scout for my own purposes.

To wit: knit Bootie (black) for 2009 Fall Collection. The next time Courtney Love invites me to enjoy a fete in the great Pacific Northwest, I’ll be sure to hunt down a Pendleton plaid shirt, torn jeans, goth makeup and THESE BOOTS (so much fun and very versatile at $795):

Martin Margiela knit boot via Eddie Curtis BDGPhoto: Eddie Curtis, BDG

It’s a statement. Smells like teen spirit.

Should that “Look” fail me, I’m thinking of going: ‘Like a Virgin’. (gotta love that Wazco) Just pair these black knit booties with a Cache top–Stir NOT Shake and Voila.

Madonna by Wazco

Wazco skirt

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