October Transits–or, sorry my dog ate my homework

October Transits–or, sorry my dog ate my homework. It didn’t work when I was in fifth grade (partially because I didn’t have a dog–but, hey my Moon is in Sag, so I still tried) and it doesn’t work now. Apparently, I’m not working either, so let’s get in gear and change all that (better late than never).

First of all, let’s just say that while October is stressful in different ways for cardinal signs (LIBRA, Aries, Capricorn and Cancer Natives) it generally eases up by the end of the next month–think 23 November. This is as a rule, but of course, rules are always broken. Think of Libra as your sign of mitigating circumstances.

In Astrology, Libra is associated with the seventh house of the horoscope. That cues us in to the nature of things governed–for example: partnerships, marriage, open enemies. Funny how marriage and open enemies get lumped into the same casserole dish, isn’t it. By open enemies (as opposed to the twelfth house variety that seem to slither in and bite you on your butt) we mean: you know neither of you agree. Period. Even if your NATAL (as in the chart YOU were born with…..) ascendant doesn’t correlate to this overlay (and there is a 1 in 12 chance it doesn’t) you will see these issues play into your dynamic at this time of year.

Back to the trusty calendar….Mercury does that retrograde thing AGAIN on 12 October (EST USA) which means for God’s sake don’t buy a car or sign your name on a dotted line unless you want to do it again in a few transits. It’s stuck in Reverse until November 2. Your DVD player may be too.

Venus is chugging forth in Virgo as of 8 October. Not a particularly romantic placement unless lists make you melt–Venus much prefers the warmth of Taurus or upcoming Libran aesthetics (November 9, 2007). Good time to think about that diet you’ve been considering.

Mars entered Cancer on September 29. Talk about not getting to the point, this transit undermines just about every direct move you make (Especially those of us lucky enough to have it in our Natal charts–on the bright side, Mars in Cancer is intuitive and knows it won’t work out anyway…..). This is going to be a long haul as it will also Retrograde BACKWARD starting on November 15 (Bad news for Prince Charles……just watch, Kids) and torment the hell out of Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn until February. Fun, fun, fun.

Finally, Jupiter is in it’s own party position–Sagittarius, so at least your friends will be there for you. And you for them.

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