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As I watch Natalie Portman 9+ minutes before the Oscar gig begins (and silently wish she would choke with her borrowed diamond necklace–My heart belongs to Galliano) and WOW —

So much Marchesa and so little time. Whew. No doubt that connections help flog those satin dresses……
However as so many lovely frocks passed on the screen, my STARbuddy (September 27) Gwenyth Paltrow shined in true style with her TOM FORD white column dress with matching cape.
The personification of long, cool style. AMEN

Saw Brian Grazer (God, take his hair gel away)…one of the producers. Golly, Hollywood is a scary place.
Kudos for that touch of class that Gwenny managed to remind me of as I saw that circus that the rest of these Couch Casting DUDES represent.

Hardly able to fathom how a movie can actually be produced with so much EGO.
How about the SIGMUND?
They have all earned a year of analysis.

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